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Review by Melissa Pesa
28 November 2014 

Khaled Sabsabi, 70,000 Veils, 2014, 100 channel digital video, 100 LCD monitors, 100 USB drives, 3D glasses, 190 x 1,240cm Photography: Carl Warner

According to Artistic Director Jonathan Parsons, these artists, “by listening, watching, thinking and making, they recharge knowledge and meaning systems, reinvigorating these systems or radically transforming them.” Inspired by and entangled with the past these artists question how technology and cultural contexts create new perspectives on knowledge and new modes of consciousness for a new generation.

By investigating the physicality of perception, by interrogating the systems and structures which reconstruct our understanding of reality and existence, these artists execute artworks which re-imagine and reshape our knowledge of the universe.

By re-imagining familiar objects into anthropomorphic and autonomous objects that embrace retro-futurism, Cake Industries reintroduces the sense of occasion and importance of capturing one’s image from the advent of traditional processes of portraiture that have become disposable in the digital world. Simulacrum invites fifteen subjects to have their portrait taken using 3D printing technology. The object will be placed into specially built frames that will stylise, light and animate them presenting a new take on the lost art of a portrait.

Experimenta Recharge: 6th International Biennial of Media Art toured Australia in 2014–2016.