THE ART OF INEXPLICABLE EDDIES by Dr Daryl Holland — Experimenta

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The University of Melbourne’s Dr Daryl Holland has written an insight into the science behind Scale free Network’s A Hierarchy of Eddies, exploring the ways it sparks our imagination.

“Now, a team of scientists, engineers and artists have come together to produce an art-science experiment, called A Hierarchy of Eddies, which aims to show audiences the complexity of these turbulent systems.

Eddies can be described mathematically using what is called the Navier-Stokes Equation, but the creators of this work say there’s something about their evolving shapes that transcends physics or maths and enters the realms of philosophy, psychology and performance.”

Read the full article here.

Scale Free Network collaborator and physicist Andrew Melatos has written a short essay about their Experimenta Make Sense work ‘A Hierarchy of Eddies’. Read the full essay on the Scale Free Network website.