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This session of Experimenta Social brings together two artists who explore our connection to natural environments. Often drawing on scientific data, their work transforms this data into the language of art, allowing us new ways of understanding our world.

Lucy Bleach is particularly interested in geological terms and processes and this is reflected in her installations that play with time and scale, drawing connections between real and deep time. Debbie Symons takes inspiration from ecological sciences to bring attention to our rapidly changing global eco-systems.

Watch this video to hear from these exemplary artists, who present on their recent work and discuss how both materially and conceptually the natural environment inspires their distinctive practices.

Experimenta Social is a series of talks, discussions and demos designed to provide proximity to some of Australia’s most adventurous contemporary artists, researchers and creative technologists. Curated by Experimenta, the series explores practices at the nexus of art, technology, science, culture and design.

This event was recorded live online: Wednesday 19 May 2021