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Art Forum with Dr Betty Sergeant & Dr Niklavs Rubenis

Watch our illustrious panel of speakers as they share their approaches to environmental sustainability within their respective art practices, featuring Dr Betty Sergeant, Dr Niklavs Rubenis and moderated by Jan Hogan. 

This Arts Forum event, is a great opportunity to hear from artists who are grappling with the challenges and opportunities of acting responsibly.  

Dr Betty Sergeant is part of the artist duo PluginHUMAN who are navigating the complexities of maintaining a low carbon footprint in the field of media art. She discusses advances they have made in their processes through their RBVA Fellowship where they are researching new carbon neutral and carbon negative working practices. 

Dr Niklavs Rubenis is a designer, maker and Senior Lecturer in Object Design at UTAS. He is interested in the ethical implications of design and craft practice in a world already overflowing with ”stuff”. He discusses how he has approached this thorny issue within his own creative practice.  

PluginHUMAN are showing their artwork ‘PULSE: The Life Force of Trees’ as part of Experimenta Life Forms: International Triennial of Media Art.  Experimenta’s 8th national touring show will travel nationally until 2023, visit the website listing for more details.

Recorded Presentation: 23 April 2021, in Hobart on nipaluna country.
Presented by Experimenta & Plimsoll Gallery, University of Tasmania.

Title card image credit: Compostable biopolymer artefact with found objects, from CAPTURE: a PluginHUMAN carbon negative art and research project. Photo by Betty Sargeant @PluginHUMAN