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Experimenta Life Forms: International Triennial of Media Art.
2021 – 2023, Australian Exhibition Tour

Since its inception in 1986, Experimenta has developed a worldwide reputation for fostering creativity that extends the aesthetic, conceptual and experiential potential of new art forms. Founded as the Modern Image Makers Association by a collective of film and video artists, Experimenta quickly expanded to include installation, performance and sound art. As an organisation that continues to support new forms of contemporary practice, Experimenta is recognised as a leading hub of experimental art in Australia. Since presenting Australia’s first national exhibition of film and video in 1988, Experimenta’s signature event has been its biennial festival. Now presented as a triennial exhibition and national tour, this event has been the launching pad for many high–profile Australian contemporary artists.

Experimenta Life Forms is Experimenta’s 8th national touring show. It premieres in 2021, and will tour nationally until 2023. As the only international biennial/triennial to tour nationally, Experimenta creates dynamic exhibition experiences that challenge how we think, feel and experience technologies today.

Experimenta has again partnered with ANAT, and brought on new partner SymbioticA, in the commissioning process for the Triennial. Through these partnerships, Experimenta is able to draw on ANAT and SymbioticA’s expertise in creative research and development, maximising support for artists through the full life cycle of their projects – from development to presentation to touring.


Experimenta’s most ambitious triennial to date, launching in 2021, will explore the changing definitions of life.

Philosophers have wrestled with defining life for thousands of years. Experimenta Life Forms reveals how contemporary artists are approaching this perennial question, at a time when technological change and new research findings are making definitions of ‘life’ increasingly difficult to pin down.  At what point do our technological advancements transform us into something beyond what we have until now understood as human? What new life formations are emerging through technological and biological adaptation, invention or discovery? What are the ethical questions, particularly now that scientific research is identifying sentience in animals, plant-life, and may soon be found in our machines?

Experimenta Life Forms seeks to make a significant contribution to the dialogue around the changing landscape of life as we know it, or indeed, as we don’t know it.

Curated by Jonathan Parsons and Lubi Thomas with Associate Curator Jessica Clark.

Experimenta: the future of art driven by technology.

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