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We’re serious about the future of art

We provoke and advocate for the support and development of the cross, multi and trans-disciplinary artforms through industry representation, presentations and collaborations. We support Australian artists both established and emerging and introduce International artists to Australian audiences.

Frequently, we participate in National and International symposiums where we advocate for Australian media art and introduce Experimenta to new audiences. Our Artistic Director, Jonathan Parsons, is regularly invited to speak on international panels including the National Arts Council of Singapore, the Asia Culture Forum, Gwangju, South Korea and ISEA2016 Hong Kong. In 2020 we presented at ISEA 2020, an International Symposium of Electronic Art and Field Trip, a national online research symposium focused on creative practice at the intersection of art, science, technology and the environment.

We are always on the look-out for the next generation of artists leading us to support The Art Unbound Award at the 2020 Fringe Festival. 

Experimenta’s commitment to preserve the history of media art is evident in our involvement in Archiving Australian Media Art, where we are working with key cultural institutions, to preserve our digital media arts heritage.