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We develop a rich range of resources to support our programs

Our touring exhibitions are accompanied by resources designed to increase engagement and access. The artists we support are courageous and take risks, and these resources provide a pathway into their works and Experimenta’s exhibitions for our curious and diverse audiences. 

We support learning through high quality, curriculum linked education resources such as ATOM guides, and curatorial essays and publications that accompany our touring exhibition.  

We are committed to making our exhibitions accessible by working with Description Victoria to create audio guides, sensory kits, and dedicated tours for people who are blind or have low vision. 

We are also curious about the process and idea behind Experimentas artists’ groundbreaking works, which has led us to produce a series of interviews in video and written formats. Explore our news section for these interviews that provide insight into our artists’ practices such as ‘Experimenta Studio Sessions’ and ‘In Development’ interviews with Experimenta Life Forms commissioned artists.