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Agat Sharma

Jaipur, India
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Agat is a theatre maker and artist based in Jaipur/Amsterdam. He studied Communication Design at NIFT, New Delhi. His work is a never-ending exploration of the connections between the uncanny and the banal, the natural and the modern. He is interested in science, philosophy and speculative fiction. He has been awarded the City as Studio Fellowship at Sarai New Media Labs, New Delhi and has been a resident artist at Khoj, New Delhi; Utopiana, Geneva and Artez University, Arnhem and is currently a practicing artist at DAS Theatre, Amsterdam.

His recent projects include Fungus Sub Rosa , a collaborative story writing performance that imagines the end of humans and Sonic Sabarmati , a series of interventions at the Indian Institute of Technology to explore the intersections of ecology, art and science. He has set up a biodynamic urban farm, a shared space for dialogue about agriculture, design and sustainability which he also considers as a long term multi-species performance. Other works include Mutatis Mutandis , Edible Ontologies – How to make friends with a forest? and Zero Money.