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Ella Barclay makes installations in sound and light that channel the techno-romantic. With shape-shifting bodies floating in misty seas, nano visuals of fibre optics, and large-scale server networks, Barclay brings to light the physical spaces that data occupies and speculates a future of human-machine relationships.

Barclay’s 2016 exhibitions include That Which Cannot Not Be, Vox Populi, Philadelphia; I Had to Do It, UTS ART, Sydney; Bodies Go Wrong, Orgy Park, New York; Almost, Instant 42, Taipei; and Light Geist, Fremantle Arts Centre. Her 2015 exhibitions include Elemental Phenomena, Griffith University Art Gallery, Brisbane; Subject to Ruin, Casula Powerhouse; and If You Dream You Are Naked, You Are Not Aware That You Are Dreaming, 55 Sydenham Rd, Sydney. In 2016 Barclay was a resident artist at the Australia Council Studio, London; Instant 42, Taipei; and Casula Powerhouse, Sydney. She holds a BA (Honours) from the University of New South Wales, an MSc Digital Media from the University of Edinburgh and is currently a PhD candidate at the University of Technology, Sydney.