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Theresa Schubert

Berlin, Germany

Theresa Schubert is a Berlin-based artist exploring unconventional visions of nature, technology and the self. Her work spans audiovisual and biomedia to conceptual and immersive installations and performances. By means of interdisciplinary methods – such as biohacking, theoretical analysis, performative interpretation and material experimentation – her works question the relation of humans to their environment and evolvement of matter and meaning beyond the Anthropos.

More recently she has been working with UHD video environments and 3D Laser Scanning to challenge modes of perception and question the human-machine-nature relationship in hypertech societies.

Theresa’s work has been exhibited extensively including Ars Electronica Linz, Art Laboratory Berlin, KW Berlin, Electrofringe Festival, European Media Art Festival, Kapelica Gallery Ljubljana, Museum of Modern Art Vilnius, MMOMA Moscow, or Museum Villa Rot, or Newcastle Region Gallery. She is a member of SALOON Berlin and medienkunstverein Berlin. Currently she is a Postdoc at the Bauhaus-University Weimar.