MEDIA⟶ ‘Art is a language of ideas’: Now or Never Art Trail turns Docklands promenade into an outdoor gallery | Beat Magazine — Experimenta

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Published by Beat, 17 August 2023

By Luke Carlino

How does 1.2km of free cutting-edge art and technology, food trucks and an on-site Moon Dog craft brewery sound?

Now or Never is simply swarming the city with futuristic art in the best possible way this August, much of it entirely free! One such pro-bono event is the Now or Never Art Trail, which will take over 1.2km of the Docklands promenade from August 17 – 20.

The cutting-edge arts and technology organisation, Experimenta has curated the gallery, finding a range of Australian and international artists to contribute to the trail. We caught up with Lubi Thomas from Experimenta to learn more about the works selected for the exhibition and some of the inspiration behind her curation.

“The seeds this exhibition has grown out of is a combination of a couple of things,” she explains. “The first is the title of Now or Never itself, the second is the artists whom Experimenta works with and the ideas that are driving their practices, which is working with contemporary digital and technological tools to talk about the society we live in today.”

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