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Gail Priest

Sydney, NSW, Australia

Gail Priest is a Sydney-based artist whose practice features sound as the key material of communication and investigation. She has exhibited sound installations and performed electro-acoustic compositions nationally and internationally including at ISEA2016, Hong Kong; Werkleitz Festival, Germany; the Sonoretum, Kapelica Gallery, Slovenia; Tokyo Wonder Site, Japan; Artspace, Sydney; and Performance Space, Sydney. She has undertaken several commissions for ABC Radio and released five albums. She is also a curator of concerts and exhibitions, and writes factually and fictively about sound and media arts, in particular for RealTime magazine.

In 2015-2016 Priest was the Australia Council Emerging and Experimental Arts Fellow, developing a body of ficto-critical work exploring what art will sound like in the future. Her upcoming projects explore an ‘ideasthesia’ of sound and text by developing a hybrid form of ‘sound-writing’.