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At Home Activity –
Light Refraction


Laura Woodward’s artwork Planet represents the warmth of the sun. In the gallery, you can see bubbles disturbing the surface of the water and the reflections on the floor of the gallery that cast shadows and rainbows.

Build your own light-refactor apparatus that allows you to experience shadow play at home.

Step 1: Hear from the Artist:

Step 2:Build your own Light-Refactor

Materials: Glass jar, Water, Torch, Straw, Small Towel (incase of spills!)

  • Wait until night time or find a dark room
  • Fill your jar only half way with water
  • Find a secure spot for the jar, opposite a blank wall. 
  • place the torch behind jar. Test that the torch light passes through the jar and fills the wall opposite. 
  • When ready, use the straw to blow bubbles into the jar of water
  • Watch the shapes and shadows that form
    TIP: if its hard to watch while also blowing bubbles, you can set up your phone to record.

What other materials can you use to manipulate the torch light? (Eg. coloured glass or plastic, crystals). Reposition the torch light so it covers objects in the room – create shadows with your hands. Try overlapping colours to change how you see objects around your room.


Step 3: Take a photo and send to us!


Click here to find out more about this artwork, Planet, presented as part of Experimenta Life Forms.

About the Artist:

Laura Woodward

Over many years Laura Woodward has exhibited sculptural, kinetic installations which regularly embody looped systems.

Laura WoodwardDja Dja Wurrung Country
Castlemaine, VIC, Australia

Over many years Laura Woodward has exhibited sculptural, kinetic installations which regularly embody looped systems. The systems, often powered by water, develop through the relationships between materials, movement, time and the artist’s hands, with the system’s inherent logic driving its emergence.

Woodward’s work has been nationally recognised through prizes, grants, public commissions, solo exhibitions and significant group exhibitions. She received Australia Council New Work Grants in 2010, 2013 and 2014, won the Agendo Prize for Emerging Artists in 2009, and won a Freedman Foundation Travelling Scholarship in 2007. Solo exhibitions include Kings Artist Run, 2019; Ararat Regional Gallery, 2015; Margaret Lawrence Gallery, 2013; and Linden Centre for Contemporary Arts, 2010. Curated group exhibitions include Incinerator Gallery, 2017; the Ian Potter Museum (Melbourne Festival), 2016; Hawthorn Town Hall Gallery, 2014; and the McClelland Sculpture Award, 2007 and 2010. Woodward’s public installations include major commissions in Docklands, 2017, and Craigieburn, 2014.