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image courtesy of Matthew Adey / House of Vnholy

Experimenta Social #20
with NidaNights:
Performance and Technology

Thu 16 Aug 2018, 6PM – 9PM

In collaboration with NIDA, this Experimenta Social looks at how artists are using technology in performance. Join us as we present Nikki Lam and Matthew Adey (House of Vnholy), whose practices are opening up new possibilities in the creation of performance worlds.

Technology is transforming traditional approaches to the craft of scenography and is also opening up new pathways for audience engagement. Projection and data mapping are just some components of the expanding toolkit at the disposal of today’s set designers, while digital platforms are allowing for direct personal interaction with individual audience members.


Experimenta Social is presented in partnership with NIDA Melbourne. 

About the Speakers

Nikki Lam

Nikki Lam

Nikki Lam‘s practice explores the complexity of belonging through the exploration of self, memory and space. Working primarily with video, performance, text and installation, she is interested in exploring the translations of hybrid identities, often through studies of rituals, language and representations.
Born in Hong Kong (1988), Nikki’s work has been shown at Underbelly Arts Festival, SafARI, Firstdraft, BUS Projects, The Ferry Gallery (Bangkok, Thailand), Galleria Marcollini (Forli, Italy), and toured around the world with Over View International Festival of Video Art. Her most recent curatorial projects include Frames of Seeing (2017) at Nite Art, Flygirl by Caroline Garcia (2017), Screen as a Room (2016) at THE SUBSTATION and Channels Festival (2015).

Matthew Adey

Matthew Adey

Matthew Adey / House of Vnholy (pronounced un-holy) is the moniker for experimental multi-disciplinary artist, Matthew Adey. Based in Melbourne, HØV is known for their dark and macabre performance art style driven by the neo-gothic. HØV’s experiences evoke transcendence, meditation and contemplation of the theatrical and the spectacle through darkness and illusive perception with a vexation on time, space, silence and scale.
Newly a duo, joining forces with technical systems genius Andre Vanderwert, HØV have naturally migrated into creating new-media and technological experiences of sculptural immersion with light, video and sound in collaboration with performance art.