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Experimenta Life Forms, featuring ‘feeler’ (2019-20) by m0wson&MOwson. Plimsoll Gallery, UTAS, Hobart (TAS). Photo credit: Rémi Chauvin

The UTAS Art Party (Hobart, TAS) featured live music, performances, and the Experimenta Life Forms exhibition at Plimsoll Gallery. 

Experimena Life Forms is an exhibition that explores the changing understandings of life in unexpected, playful and challenging ways. For 1-night only, the exhibition will be activated in new ways to provoke audiences to interact and connect. Participant in artist-lead activities, enjoy special performances and engage with technology-driven art. 

The Plimsoll Gallery Art Party is presented as part of Experimenta Life Forms and is co hosted by the School of Creative Arts and Media. 

This event is for current School of Creative Arts and Media students from all discipline areas – Music, Theater, Performance, Art and Media



Photo credit: Eden Meure