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Experimenta Make Sense: International Triennial of Media Art

2 October – 11 November | RMIT Gallery Building 16 344 Swanston Street, City campus, RMIT University, Melbourne VIC 3000

Become submerged inside a breaking wave, step into the shoes and eyes of a stranger using VR goggles or explore the body’s adaptions to sensory deprivation and extreme isolation when Experimenta Make SenseInternational Triennial of Media Art launches in Melbourne this October.

A challenge for 21st century humanity is that, “we have Paleolithic emotions, medieval institutions and god-like technologies”, according to Harvard biologist E.O. Wilson. We humans still ‘make sense’ of our world through our physical selves and our cultures. From Monday 2nd October until Saturday 11th November, Experimenta presents an exhibition of leading international and Australian artists who will engage directly with this conundrum.

Image: Andrew Styan, Life Support System, photo courtesy of the artist.

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Join us for Experimenta Social a new series of talks, discussions and tech demos designed to provide proximity to some of Australia’s most adventurous contemporary artists, researchers and creative technologists.

This artist led series is curated by Emile Zile in collaboration with Experimenta and explores practices at the nexus of art with digital media, science and technology and design. You will hear from artists sharing their latest projects, research and experiments that grapple with, and push the boundaries of utilising technological tools and speak to the concerns of our time. Beyond inconsequential debates over the role of media arts in a post-media world.  Experimenta Social will combine activated audiences drawn from contemporary art, social research, electronic art and non-professional spheres for lively debate and discussion.

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Date and time: Free event, taking place every second Wednesday of the month: 12 April, 10 May, 14 June, 12 July, 9 August, 13 September, 11 October, 8 November 2017
Venue: ACMI X Studio, Level 4, 2 Kavanagh Street, Southbank, VIC 3006

This project is supported by ACMIx.
Image courtesy of Joe Hamilton, Ikea Roof Terrace 2014

Experimenta Make Sense: International Triennial of Media Art

Announcing the latest Experimenta  Commissions, in partnership with the Australian Network for Art and Technology (ANAT)

Experimenta is excited to announce our first Commission artists for the Experimenta Make Sense: International Triennial of Media Art: Antoinette J. Citizen (VIC), Gail Priest (NSW) and Anna Munster & Michele Barker (NSW).

Experimenta’s Artistic Director Jonathan Parsons says: “All of the selected works display an imaginative response to the curatorial theme and demonstrate the creativity and vibrancy of the Australian media arts sector. We were delighted with the breadth and calibre of Australian artists who submitted more than 80 proposals to our Commissioning EOI process. This of course made the final selection a challenge and we sincerely hope that the works not selected will find support to be realised in other contexts.”

Antoinette, Gail, Anna and Michele’s works will tour galleries and arts centres around Australia from 2017-2020 as part of Experimenta’s next triennial. Michele and Anna agree that “Experimenta’s support, dedication and partnerships with major and regional galleries across Australia means that artists such as ourselves have a fantastic opportunity to reach new audiences with work that is fresh, thoughtful, and enabled by new media and technologies.”

Highly regarded sound artist Gail Priest will use the commission to develop an ambitious new installation work: “I am very excited to be one of the commissioned artists for Experimenta Make Sense. The commission will allow me time and significant production resources to consolidate my sound practice within a gallery context, and to communicate the wonders of the aural sense to a wide audience. I have long respected Experimenta as Australia’s leading media art presenting organisation and it really is a personal milestone to be commissioned to present a work with them.”

Antoinette J. Citizen’s work will explore and interrupt our perceptions of time through a series of immersive, interactive objects. Antoinette says: “I have been attending Experimenta exhibitions since my first year at art school and feel honoured to be part of the incredible list of artists that have exhibited with Experimenta over its long history.”

Experimenta Commission supported by the City of Melbourne

Through the generous support of the City of Melbourne our fourth commission for Experimenta Make Sense is a new work by Scale Free Network’s Briony Barr and Gregory Crocetti. Scale Free Network is a Melbourne based collaborative at the forefront of art and science practice.

Image: Michele Barker and Anna Munster, pull (concept sketch), a 2017 Experimenta Commission, in partnership with ANAT © the artists


A Galaxy of Suns is a smart phone app that ‘plays’ the stars as they rise and set over 360˚ of the horizon – for any location on Earth. Operating on a galactic scale this project is a collaboration across contemporary art, music, astronomy and design.  A Galaxy of Suns works with the native potentials of smart device technology to create a unique experience of the cosmos accessible to audiences wherever they find themselves in the world.

Tracking the Earth’s motions through space, A Galaxy of Suns documents in real-time the audience’s precise position in relation to the stars, sonifying stellar data to create a sound and visual composition unique to their location in space and time.  Using the GPS data automatically recorded by smart phones and operational without network access, the project works with parameters such as location on the horizon, brightness, size, age and chemical composition of stars, and translates them into sonic and aesthetic variables including rhythm, pitch, volume, panning, colour and light intensity.

Created by artist Michaela Gleave, composer Amanda Cole and programmer Warren Armstrong, A Galaxy of Suns connects audiences with the unseen motions of our galaxy, through the intimacy of an app, and the large scale spectacle of choral performance.  If you are in Bristol on the 8th September you can experience A Galaxy of Suns as part of the Bristol Biennial 2016: In Other Worlds. Buy tickets here.

A Galaxy of Suns – The Performance premiered at Dark Mofo at Dark Park, Hobart,  on the 10th and 11th June. 

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This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body.
This project is supported by the NSW Government through Arts NSW.

Image courtesy Michaela Gleave and Anna Pappas Gallery Melbourne.

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