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A DRONE OPERAMatthew Sleeth

10-13 September at the Arts House, Meatmarket, Melbourne

A Drone Opera viscerally explores the rapidly developing technology of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), colloquially known as drones, and their social and cultural impact. Artist Matthew Sleeth directs an experimental multimedia performance featuring drones, their pilots and opera singers, combined with a new sound score, laser light design and moving image.

Feeling the drones’ air displacement and hearing their rotor sound, audiences will experience this robotic technology first hand, shifting their knowledge of drones from political abstraction into embodied experience in time and space. Curious about their potential to re-shape our world, Sleeth has designed, built and programmed customised drones specifically for the performance context.

Sleeth’s largest work to date, A DRONE OPERA also features an inspiring line-up of collaborators, including experimental artists Kate Richards, Robin Fox, Phil Samartzis and Susan Frykberg, lighting designer Bosco Shaw and choreographer Shelley Lasica.



National Experimental Art Forum, Perth – 5-6 October

Leisa Shelton responds to a perceived lack of knowledge about the history of media art in Australia with her ongoing work Mapping Australian Media Art.

In this participatory project, Shelton sits at a table in the gallery and invites individuals to join in a conversation about significant encounters they have had with media art in Australia – to name the artists that have made an impression on them and marked us as a culture. Notes from each conversation are documented on an individual archive card, stamped and signed, and placed in a handcrafted archive box.

The work is performed at the National Experimental Art Forum, Perth as well as at venues on the Experimenta Recharge national tour.

Image: Leisa Shelton, Mapping Australian Media Art (installation view) 2014–16, performance, desk, chairs, archive cards, rubber stamps, stainless steel archive boxes, custom built plinth, 90 x 236 x 38cm, archive box installation designed and fabricated by James McAllister/BARBOUR and Tom Burless/TOMIKEH, Image courtesy RMIT Gallery, Photography Mark Ashkanasy







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image: L-R: Maitha Demithan, Aiyal  2012, scanography, 142 x 170 cm, Sanawat  2010, scanography, 180 x 144 cm, To The Moon  2009, scanography, 180 x 122 cm, Installation view, RMIT Gallery, Melbourne. Image courtesy RMIT Gallery, Photography Mark Ashkanasy, © the artist

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